Sandra Cóias

Sandra Cóias is a Portuguese actress and model that has appeared in over 30 different films and television shows.  The bulk of her work has been on Portuguese TV in telenovelas and other dramas.  She was born August 25, 1972 in Lisbon, Portugal and is 1.75m tall. 

Here is a list of some of her most recent work.

22010 Flor & Spade (filming)

 2010 Dores e Amores

 2010 Meu Amor (TV series)
– Episode #1.149 (2010) … Margarida Ferraz
– Episode #1.148 (2010) … Margarida Ferraz
– Episode #1.147 (2010) … Margarida Ferraz
– Episode #1.146 (2010) … Margarida Ferraz
– Episode #1.145 (2010) … Margarida Ferraz 

2009 Um Lugar Para Viver (TV series)
– Mafra (2009) 

2009 Second Life

2007 O Quinto Poder (TV series)

2008 Casos da Vida (TV series)
– Roleta Russa (2008) … Cristina
– Chamada por Engano (2008) … Margarida 

2008 Deixa-me Amar (TV series)
– Episode #1.211 (2008)
– Episode #1.210 (2008)
– Episode #1.206 (2008) 

2007-2008 Detective Maravilhas (TV series)
– Não Perde pela Demora (2008) … Conceição
– Suspeita de um Crime Part 2 (2008) … Conceição
– Suspeita de um Crime Part 1 (2008) … Conceição
– Faz Jogo Limpo Part 2 (2008) … Conceição
– Faz Jogo Limpo Part 1 (2008) … Conceição 

2006-2007 Tu e Eu (TV series)
– Episode #1.176 (2007) … Susana Vieira
– Episode #1.177 (2007) … Susana Vieira
– Episode #1.178 (2007) … Susana Vieira
– Episode #1.179 (2007) … Susana Vieira
– Episode #1.180 (2007) … Susana Vieira 

2006 Morangos Com Açúcar (TV series)
– Episode #3.253 (2006) … Amélia
– Episode #3.254 (2006) … Amélia
– Episode #3.255 (2006) … Amélia
– Episode #3.256 (2006) … Amélia
– Episode #3.257 (2006) … Amélia 

2005 Um Tiro no Escuro

2005 Ana E os Sete (TV series)
– Episode #2.29 (2005)
– Episode #2.30 (2005)
– A Mudança Dois Dias Depois (2005) 

2004 Maria E as Outras

2003 Crimes en série (TV series)
– Asphalte rouge (2003) 

2003 O Último Beijo (TV series)  
– Episode #1.135 (2003) … São
– Episode #1.136 (2003) … São
– Episode #1.137 (2003) … São
– Episode #1.138 (2003) … São
– Episode #1.131 (2003) … São 

2002 Um Estranho em Casa (TV series)
– A Boa Sorte (2002) … Vanda
– Há Negócios… e Negócios (2002) … Vanda
– Nascido do Amor (2002) … Vanda
– Novidades (2002) … Vanda
– Fechado para Transformação (2002) … Vanda 

2002 A Bomba

2000 Super Pai (TV series)
Gracinha (2001)

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Paulo Branco

Paulo Branco is an internationally acclaimed Portuguese film producer with over 235 titles to his credit.  He was born in Lisbon June 3, 1950.  He has founded 3 production companies, Madragoa Films, Gemini Films, and Spider Pictures.  He was a member of the jury at the Berlin International Film Festival in 1999 and the Venice Film Festival in 2006.  He is most famous for Ce jour-là (2003), I Am Dina (2002), Les chansons d’amour (2007), and Bis ans Ende der Welt (1991). 

Branco won the Raimondo Rezzonico Award for independent producers at the Locarno International Film Festival in 2002.  He has also appeared as an actor in 9 films.  Some of his most recent credits include the following. 

Paixão (producer) (post-production) (2011)
2011 Mistérios de Lisboa (TV mini-series) (producer – 2 episodes)
   – O Conde de Santa Bárbara (2011) (producer)
   – O Menino Sem Nome (2011) (producer)
2010 Mistérios de Lisboa (producer)
2010 Le mariage à trois (producer)
2010 Cinerama (producer)
2010 O Jogo (short) (producer)
2009 Os Sorrisos do Destino (producer)
2009 Bazar (producer)
2009 Cendres et sang (producer)
2009 Segredos (short) (producer)
2008 Entre os Dedos (producer)
2008 Nuit de chien (producer)
2008 Um Amor de Perdição (producer)
2008 Soit je meurs, soit je vais mieux (producer)
2008 Caravaggio (short) (producer)
2008 Cztery noce z Anna (producer)
2008 Dora (producer)
2008 O Senso dos Desatinados (short) (producer)

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Fado, História d’uma Cantadeira (1948)

This Portuguese romance tells the story of Ana Maria and Julio, two young lovers trying to attain fame and fortune in the music business.  They both start in obscurity, Julio a modest guitar player and Ana Maria a fado singer.  When Ana Maria starts to become famous because of her beauty and extraordinary talent, Julio feels betrayed and left behind as his star does not rise as quickly as Ana’s.  Ana starts to get a lot of acclaim and attention from rich and powerful society men.  When Julio decides to leave for the African colonies, heartbroken, never to see Ana again, she must choose between her first love and the fame and fortune and the appeal of wealthy older men.

The movie is loosely based on the life of actress and singer Amália Rodrigues with her starring in the lead role.

Amália Rodrigues  …  Ana Maria 
Virgilio Teixeira  …  Júlio 
Vasco Santana  …  Joaquim Marujo 
António Silva  …  Chico Fadista 
Tony D’Algy  …  Sousa Morais – a manager 
Raul de Carvalho  …  Embaixador (as Raul Carvalho) 
Eugénio Salvador  …  Lingrinhas 

Director: Perdigão Queiroga
Writers: José Galhardo (poems), Armando Vieira Pinto

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Edgar Pêra

Edgar Pêra is a Portuguese filmmaker who calls himself Homem-Kâmara.  He was born in Lisbon November 19, 1960 and says that his life’s goal is to record life in film.  He concentrated in film editing at the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema where he first enrolled in 1980. 

The first movie Pêra directed was in 1990 and was a short film titled Reproduta Interdita that debuted at the Fantasporto Portuguese film festival.  He has worked on a variety of film productions over the years including video, long and short films, as well as documentaries.  He is considered part of the neuro-punk genre because he has been very experimental in the direction of his films.

In addition to his films Pêra is also an artist for graphic novels and comic books.


Reproduta Interdita (1988-90)
Matadouro (1991)
A Cidade de Cassiano (1991)
O Trabalho Liberta? (1993)
SWK4 (1993)
Manual de Evasão LX94 (1994)
Visões! Equações! Radiações! (1995)
O Mundo Desbotado (1995)
Os Túneis da Realidade (Who Is The Master Who Makes The Grass Green?) (1996)
A Konspiração dos Mil Tímpanos (1996)
A Janela Não É a Paisagem (1997)
Portugal Ilimitado (1998)
As Dezaventuras do homem-Kâmara Epizohdyus 113 &115 (1998)
Eskynas Agudas (1999)
Lisboa-boa 345DT (2000)
25 de Abril Aventura Demokrátika (2000)
A Janela (Maryalva Mix) (2001)
O Homem-Teatro (2001)
Oito, oito (2001)
Os Homens-toupeira (2003)
És a Nossa Fé (2004)
Movimentos Perpétuos: Cine-Tributo a Carlos Paredes (2006)
Rio Turvo (2007)
O Barão (2010)

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Capitães de Abril

Released April 21, 2000, Capitães de Abril dramatizes the 1974 overthrow of the 48 year fascist Portuguese dictatorship of Antonio Salazar.  The movie follows the coup and two young army captains who played a large role in the revolution.  One of the Captains was Salguiero Maia who was born in 1944 and died of cancer in 1992.  He is considered a hero of the bloodless revolution.

Director: Maria de Medeiros
Writers: Ève Deboise, Maria de Medeiros
Stars: Stefano Accorsi, Maria de Medeiros and Joaquim de Almeida

The movie opened to critical acclaim and won several awards including the Audience Award and the Bordeaux International Festival of Women in Cinema, a Golden Globe for Best Actress and Best Film at the Portugal Golden Globes, and the International Jury Award at the São Paulo International Film Festival.

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Artur Agostinho

Artur Agostinho was born on Christmas Day in 1920. He is an award winning Portuguese actor as well as a journalist and broadcaster.

Artur has been a on a variety of television shows over the years including “Quem Sabe, Sabe,” “No Tempo Em Que Você Nasceu” and “Curto-Circuito.” He still appears in several series and telenovelas periodically as well, including Perfeito Coração in 2010.

He has starred in the following movies:
Cais do Sodre (1946)
Lion Star (1947)
Black Covers (1947)
Cantiga Street (1950)
Dreaming is Easy (1951)
The Tarzan of 5. º Left (1958)
Two Days in Paradise (1958)
The Gospel of the Lord Napumoceno (1997)
The Shadow of the Vultures (1998)
Perfect Heart (2009)

He has also ran the sports department of Radio Renaissance and was a sportscaster there. He owned an ad agency, the Sonarte and directed the sports daily, the Record from 1963-1974 and was awarded sportsman of the year in 2005.

In 2009 he wrote and published a novel “Bela, riquíssima e além disso …viúva” adding to his other publication “Português sem Portugal.”

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A Raiz do Coração (2000)

A Raiz do Coração (A Root of the Heart) is a Portuguese film set in the Lisbon during the festivities of Saint Anthony, the patron saint of lovers and the old town.  The story is about Cato, a nationalist politician who is charismatic and unscrupulous.  He obsessively pursues Silvia, a mystical and mysterious young transvestite whom he meets at the festival.  When Silvia runs into Vicente, a policeman who arrests transvestites and threatens them, Silvia must look towards blackmail to save herself.  Compromising photos of Cato start to emerge among opposition parties and he must do all in his power to save his political career.

Director: Paulo Rocha
Writers: Raquel Freire, Regina Guimarães


Luís Miguel Cintra  …  Catão 
Joana Bárcia  …  Silvia 
Isabel Ruth  …  Ju 
Melvil Poupaud  …  Vicente Corvo 
Miguel Guilherme  …  Oscar 
António Durães  …  Infante 
Filipe Cochofel  …  Lucas 
Bruno Schiappa  …  César 
Tony Lima  …  Mário 
Fernando Heitor  …  Roberta 
José Manuel Rosado  …  Filipa 
Fernando Santos  …  Prazeres 
Pedro Miguel Silva  …  Joaquina 
Jenni La Rue  …  Bruna 
Paulo Julião  …  Marta

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Ver e Amar!

Ver a Amar! is a 1930 Portuguese musical film about a young couple in love.  It tells the story of their misadventures and exploits in the vaudeville theatre.  The young man is presented with many temptations from the chorus girls that add to the comedy of the film.  There are an extensive number of musicals and fado songs presented in the film played from a gramophone in the theatre house where the film is set.

This silent film has a soundtrack played in the background and runs 78 minutes in black and white.

Director: Chianca de Garcia
Writer: José Gomes Ferreira (titles)
Stars: Erico Braga, Eloisa Clara and Mário Fernando

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António Lopes Ribeiro (1908-1995)

António Lopes Ribeiro was a Portuguese filmmaker with over 60 titles to his name either as a director, writer, producer, editor, production designer, assistant director, or actor. He is best known for his films in the 1940’s such as O Pai Tirano (1941), A Vizinha do Lado (1945), and Amor de Perdição (1943). His brother was actor Francisco Ribeiro. António Lopes Ribeiro passed away at age 86 in 1995 in Lisbon, Portugal.

Film Credits

Dia de Portugal na Expo’70 (1970)
Portugal de Luto na Morte de Salazar (1970)
Portugal na Expo’70 (1970)
Casa Bancária Pinto de Magalhães (1963)
Instituto de Oncologia (1963)
I Salão de Antiguidades, O (1963)
Artes ao Serviço da Nação, As (1962)
Arte Sacra (1960)
Indústrias Regionais (1960)
Monumentos de Belém, Os (1960)
Mosteiros Portugueses (1960)
Primo Basílio, O (1959)
Comemorações Nacionais (1958)
Portugal na Exposição Universal de Bruxelas (1958)
30 Anos com Salazar (1957)
A Gloriosa Viagem ao Brasil (1957)
A Rainha Isabel II em Portugal (1957)
A Viagem Presidencial ao Brasil (1957)
A Visita a Portugal da Rainha Isabel II da Grã Bretanha (1957)
A Visita do Ministro Paulo Cunha aos Portugueses da Califórnia (1956)
A Visita do Chefe do Estado à Ilha da Madeira (1955)
Cortejos de Oferendas (1953)
Jubileu de Salazar, O (1953)
A Viagem Presidencial a Espanha (1953)
A Celebração do 28 de Maio de 1952 (1952)
Rodas de Lisboa, As (1951)
Frei Luís de Sousa (1950)
Algarve d’Além-Mar (1950)
Casas para Trabalhadores (1950)
A Festa dos Tabuleiros em Tomar (1950)
Segurança Social e Assistência Médica (1950)
Serviços Médico-Sociais (1950)
Trabalho e Previdência (1950)
Estampas Antigas de Portugal (1949)
Só Tem Varíola Quem Quer (1949)
Lisboa de Hoje e de Amanhã (1948)
Anjos e Demónios (1947)
Cortejo Histórico de Lisboa, O (1947)
A Vizinha do Lado (1945)
Ilhas Crioulas de Cabo Verde, As (1945)
A Morte e a Vida do Engenheiro Duarte Pacheco (1944)
Inauguração do Estádio Nacional (1944)
Amor de Perdição (1943)
Portugal na Exposição de Paris de 1937 (1942)
The Tyrant Father (1941)
Feitiço do Império (1940)
Guiné, Berço do Império (1940)
Viagem de Sua Excelência o Presidente da República a Angola (1939)
Exposição Histórica da Ocupação (1938)
A Revolução de Maio (1937)
Fogos Reais na Escola Prática de Infantaria (1935)
Gado Bravo (1934)
A Preparação do Filme ‘Gado Bravo’ (1933)
Curso de Oficiais Milicianos em Mafra (1932)
Uma Batida em Malpique (1929)
Bailando ao Sol (1928)

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Ricardo Costa – Portuguese Film Producer and Director

Ricardo Costa is a Portuguese producer and film director.  He was born January 25, 1940 in Peniche, Portugal.   Most of his films are documentary in nature, but many have a dramatic and poetical flair that make them popular for many audiences.  His last feature film, Brumas, was nominated for the Venice film festival in 2003.

Costa studied at the Faculty of Arts at the Lisbon University where he earned a PhD in 1969.  He then became a high school teacher and published several papers.  He became a filmmaker and partner in Grupo Zero in 1974 after the Carnation (April) Revolution.  He later became the owner of an independent production company called Diafilme.

Feature films

1976 : Avieiros – Avieiros, Tagus fishermen
1976 : Mau Tempo, Marés e Mudança – Changing Tides
1979 : Castro Laboreiro – Castro Laboreiro
1979 : Pitões, aldeia do Barroso – Pitões, a village of Barroso
1980 : Verde por fora, vermelho por dentro – Green outside, red inside
1981 : O Pão e o Vinho – Bread and Wine (film)
1981 : Longe é a cidade – Far is the City
1981 : Ao Fundo desta Estrada – Further ahead on this road
1985 : O Nosso Futebol – Our Football Game
2003 : Mists – Brumas

 Short and middle-length films

1974 : No Fundo de Tróia – On the Bottom of Troia
1974 : Apanhadores de Algas – Seaweed Catchers
1974 : Ágar-Ágar – Agar-agar
1975 : Tresmalho – Drifting
1975 : O Trol – Long-lining
1975 : O Arrasto – Trawling
1975 : Oceanografia Biológica – Biological Oceanography
1975 : Ti Zaragata e a Bateira – Uncle Zaragata and his Boat
1975 : Pesca da Sardinha – Sardine Fishing
1975 : Conchinha do Mar – Sea Shell
1975 : Às vezes custa – Sometimes it’s hard
1975 : A Sacada – The Miracle Fishing
1976 : Os Irmãos Severo e os Cem Polvos – The Brothers Severo and the Hundred Octopuses
1976 : À Flor do Mar – On the Waterline
1976 : A Colher – The Spoon
1976 : O Velho e o Novo – Old and New
1976 : A Falta e a Fartura – Lack and Wealth
1976 : Quem só muda de Camisa – Changing his Shirt
1976 : A Máquina do Dinheiro – The Money Machine
1976 : Viver do Mar – Living on Sea
1976 : Uma Perdiz na Gaiola – A Perdix in Cage
1976 : Nas Voltas do Rio – On the River
1976 : O Submarino de Vidro – The Glass Submarine
1976 : April Carnations – Cravos de Abril – The Carnation Revolution in Portugal
1977 : Sea born – E do Mar Nasceu
1978 : Música do Quotidiano – Everyday Music
1978 : Abril no Minho – April in Minho
1979 : A Lampreia – The Lamprey
1979 : A Coca – Saint George and the Dragon
1979 : Histórias de Baçal – Stories of Baçal
1979 : Esta aldeia, Rio de Onor – This Village, Rio de Onor
1979 : O Pisão – The Fulling Mill
1979 : A Feira – The Village Market
1979 : O Outro Jogo – The Other Game
1980 : Joaquim da Loiça – Joaquim da Loiça
1980 : Pastores da Serra da Estrela – Shepheards of Serra da Estrela
1980 : Barcos de Peniche – Ships of Peniche
1980 : O Parque Nacional de Montesinho – The National Park of Montesinho
1982 : Lisbon and the Sea Lisbon and the International Court for the Law of the Sea for the UNESCO

Other genres

1989 – 2006 Paroles : Interviews with Jean Rouch – long version, three parts version and TV version (in French)

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