César Guerra Leal

César Guerra Leal (1927-) is a Portuguese director and producer.  He has 17 credited titles as a producer from 1957 to 1985, and 16 as a director.  He was married to Clélia Pereira Lopes.  His films were mostly documentary shorts and include the following titles.

(1985) Barragem do Pocinho (documentary short) (producer, director)

(1980) A Pintora Helena Amaral (documentary short) (producer, director)

(1980) A Zona de Alfama (documentary short) (producer, director)

(1976) Sinfonia de Uma Cidade (documentary) (producer)

(1975 Edifício da Câmara Municipal de Lisboa (documentary short) (producer, director)

(1975) Fundação Engenheiro António de Almeida (documentary short) (producer, director)

(1975) O Pintor Mendes da Silva (documentary short) (producer, director)

(1970) Festas de Portugal (documentary) (producer)

(1970) O Trabalho, o Gás e a Vida (documentary) (producer, director)

(1965) Amanhecer em Lisboa (documentary short) (producer)

(1965) Marchas Populares de 1965 (documentary short) (director)

(1965) Amanhecer em Lisboa (documentary short) (director)

(1965) Museu Nacional de Soares dos Reis (documentary) (director)

(1964) Do Rio ao Céu (documentary) (producer, director)

(1964) Nas Terras do Lidador (documentary short) (producer, director)

(1964) Nazaré (documentary short) (producer, director)

(1963) Pássaros de Asas Cortadas (producer)

(1963) Painéis no Porto (documentary short) (producer)

(1957) Bodas de Ouro da Empresa Fabril do Norte (documentary) (producer, director)

(1957) Meio Século de Actividade na Indústria Têxtil (documentary) (producer)

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